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In addition to blocking ads, AdClear provides features that give you control over your apps and data.

HTTPS Filtering



Block encrypted ads with HTTPS filtering

AdClear offers premier system-wide ad blocking, putting you in control of which apps are allowed to display ads.

To block encrypted ads, which are found in apps such as YouTube, you will need to install AdClear's trusted certificate and enable HTTPS filtering. Simply select HTTPS filtering and follow the instructions to start blocking.

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Control which apps access the internet with Firewall

Firewall puts you in control of which apps are allowed to access the internet. When enabled, all traffic to and from your firewalled apps will be blocked.

Optional Firewall notifications, let you know when firewalled apps attempt to access the network, and even give you the option to grant temporary internet access to firewalled apps.

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Silence background traffic with Snooze

Many apps generate unwanted or unneeded traffic, even if they aren't being used. Save your data by preventing noisy apps from accessing the internet while your screen is off with Snooze.

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You can find more information about AdClear's features and get useful tips on how to use them at